Lovely Days with Acer Mobile PlaySpace

Yesterday, we from Sessions Illustrated decided to drop by & check out PlaySpace brought to you by Acer Mobile.


An event featuring interesting people sharing the lovely things that they do, for them what is play & what drives them to continue this love for what they do.

Speakers featured were Raymond So of Craft Coffee Workshop


After that talk on coffee, we were tempted to drop by their store once the event ended. Yes, we’re hooked on coffee & it’s quite evident. If you haven’t noticed Session Illustrated is usually held in coffee shops.

Cris Garcimo ofΒ  Gentle Universe


Of course, it wouldn’t be complete if he & his group didn’t perform for us. Their ambient music is light & playful. Reminds me of orgel collections from Jpop compilations. Lovely.

Christine Tantengco of Kamusta Magazine


Will now start looking up at their site forΒ  food haunts around the metro &Β  destinations to go outside Manila. πŸ™‚

Underwater photographer Gutsy Tuason


Amazing! he gets to travel the world thanks to his impressive photos documenting the wild underwater.



Presenting one of their projects they dubbed “pre-Adventure Time”.

Capping the event off, Up Dharma Down performed & to our surprise the set that we’ve expected was much longer.941021_10151447978351185_1777744792_n


At the end of the day, if you want to live to the fullest get creative & create something with what you love. May be it for fun or something that you are passionate about. They say if you live off your passions & do it every single day, you won’t work another day. Just fully trust & believe. In return, you will be making new relationships & eventually make others happy in what you do. Seems worthwhile right? πŸ™‚


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