Metamorphosis Seven Challenge

Participated in a photo shoot sometime ago.


Haven’t worked in a set up like this to date, so this is relatively new to me.


Usually, I’d shoot outdoor, still life or document events (capturing my friends at inappropriate moments or just because we were in the mood to pose for the kick of it included haha) so far were my only experiences.

Something like this.


Since I am always up for a challenge, here we go & lets shoot!

Here’s one of the models,  Miel. 🙂


For a bright & warm day,  the forces of nature decided too to  challenge us that afternoon. A sudden downpour fell. D:

Here’s a shot before it started to rain.


Thankful though it stopped later in afternoon & thus, we continued the shoot.

I left though earlier due to prior engagements.  Looking forward to more shoots like these.

Will be posting per set & model afterwards. 🙂


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