Sessions Illustrated: Random Xocolat Misadventures

Aside from drawing & photography, we’re a bunch of foodies too & who can’t say no to dropping by Xocolat that early evening.  Annie highly recommended this for us.

DSC_0291  DSC_0296  DSC_0300

DSC_0295Can’t help notice the cat display suspended. Can you see it? 😉

DSC_0297This is Buta. Yes, her name is Buta. 🙂

After a string of random conversations our orders arrived.  Here come the highlights for the evening!

DSC_0305Vanilla Lemon.  Light & the hint of lemon ain’t even overwhelming. Just a right amount.

DSC_0306This had me at chocolate & salted caramel.  🙂





























Cool Xoco Mint, the answer to that wish may chocomint be all year round.


This on the other hand is a Vanilla Mudslide. When Buta read it contained Bailey’s, the rest was history. 🙂

We’re definitely coming back here soon with how we loved Xocolat . Also, looking forward to try their other sinfully delicious chocolate concoctions.


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