Regurgitating Daisies

DSC_0007Sometime ago we were invited to Regurgitating Daisies, a group exhibition at the Gallerie Anna.

A celebration of sorts reveling on  the joys & woes of womanhood.  The exhibit showcased a scale of the massive works ( mostly measuring 6 ft x 8 ft)

depicting a woman’s  deliriums & delights. Provocative yet a delightful show.

And I’ve finally got to see one of the participants, Yasmin Almonte’s works on display. 🙂

DSC_0003This is one of her pieces on display entitled “I’m Still Standing”. In depiction on her personal struggles, in which one of them was her battle against cancer. Yet in spite of this,  her unwavering passion for art & life never faded.  Glad she braved through this & quite grateful to have met her.

DSC_0010Other works from the exhibit. This one is “Paraiso” by Cristina Taniguchi.

DSC_0002“Happiness in Randomness,” by Janelle Tang.

DSC_0004Obligatory food shot from the opening night. 😉

DSC_0012And the lovely Yasmin “Jigs” Almonte, looking forward to see more of your exhibits soon again.


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