Sessions Illustrated: Aral Muna, Landi Later. Back to School Review.

 Previously on Sessions Illustrated. We’ve gathered today at  Moonleaf Tea Shop on Maginhawa Street for the Back to School edition. Now you wonder, what’s with the title for this leg?

Aral Muna, Landi Later. (Translation: Study First. Fool/Flirt Around Later.)

DSC_0020 DSC_0092But before we proceed, some shots from Moonleaf. The freedom wall of post-its.

The vast selections of sweets to match your order of their famous milk tea concoctions.

DSC_0104Yes, some massive fangirling imaginings will be involved today.

For the main portion’s mechanics for this art jam are:

DSC_0087Step 1: Draw lots, you’ll be pulling out a slip with some witty catch phrase in Filipino.

DSC_0027Step 2. Write your name on the paper then pass to the person on your right.

Step 3: The person on the right will draw you in your (probable) lovestruck look. Then pass again.

DSC_0040Step 4: Once you’ve received the paper, along with the slip you’ve picked. Draw their… crush. They’ve given celebrities. LOL

Anyway, here were some of the works.

sj-siwon-vogueOne gave Siwon of Super Junior.

Here’s the end result:

DSC_0042Sana ID na lang kita. Para kapag nawala ka, alam nilang akin ka.

(Translation: I wish you were my ID, so if you go missing they’d know you’re mine.)

DO-KyungsooAnother one gave Do Kyungsoo aka D.O. of EXO

DSC_0048Sana ako na lang si Barney para “I love you, you love me…”

(Translation: I wish I was Barney so I can sing:  “I love you, you love me…”)

cumberbatchMajority requested Benedict Cumberbatch. So many Cumbercookies in the house.

DSC_0037Hieroglyphics ka ba? Matagal ka nang nakaukit sa heart ko.

(Translation: Are you made out of Hieroglyphics? You’ve been etched in my heart.)

DSC_0036Para kang utot. Tahimik pero malakas ang dating.

(Translation: You’re like gas, silent but deadly.)

What did I just translate?! OTL

DSC_0031Kailangan ko ng ruler… ‘Di ko na masukat ang pagmamahal ko sa ‘yo.

(Translation: I need a ruler, I cannot measure my love for you.)

Now you’ve witnessed such massive fangirls we are, you also can drop by the fb page to keep updated with our monthly meetings if you want to hang out & draw. Also if you want to see more blackmail photos from our previous event.


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