Craftheads. Come One Come All at Sweet Home 10a Alabama.


Tucked within New Manila, an old residence houses Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery.  Also, a crafts fair which sells handmade items from the recycled given new form & function to the cute & quirky one of a kind pieces.

DSC_0835DSC_0826 DSC_0821From  Ang INK’s table from the previous fair featuring curious little pieces from the Speculiars


Pergy Acuña’s infamous embroidered macho men dolls complete with moustache, which you can customize upon request.

DSC_0845And those magical artworks on sale from Sabrina

10150717_668850223190683_3834780426725745007_n10a Alabama handmade crafts & art fair happens this weekend!

Curious? you can get there by:

  1. Taking E Rodriguez Sr Ave from Cubao towards Manila, you’ll pass Tomas Morato Avenue on your right.
  2. After passing Tomas Morato, take the first right immediately which is Alabama Street
  3. Look for the house with 10a on the street’s right side. Look for the white gate with the 10a Alabama sign.

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