Itadakimasu! with RYU Ramen & Curry Tantanmen 5

karaage tantanmen3

The Japanese is famous for its culinary arts. One of its well-known “artwork” is ramen and a new Japanese gastronomical gallery is cooking up a flavorful masterpiece – RYU Ramen & Curry, The Art of Tantanmen and Curry.

You see, sometime ago me and a couple friends were in search for some ramen shops around the metro after getting hooked. No thanks to a certain friend to kept posting those sabbatical trips for the tastiest ramen haunts around town. Hence, followed suit… in a way.

We’ve searched high and low. Then by a stroke of luck, chanced an Open Rice Philippines event at the latest branch of Ryu Ramen located at Jazz Residences in the Makati area to experience their fabulous five dishes.


This special treat for the day was Ryu Ramen & Curry‘s Tantanmen 5 which is basically composed of five Tantanmen dishes namely the Yaki Buta, the Gyu, the Ebi, the Karaage and the Classic. The people of Ryu Ramen & Curry gave a short overview of the company, and introduced us to the Tantanmen 5 dishes.

But before anything else, what is Tanta~? Tantanmen is a popular noodle dish inspired by “dandanmian”, a spicy noodle dish which contains preserved vegetables hailing from the Szechuan Province in China. While the sesame, the renowned flavor is dominant in both, but unlike “dandanmian,” our Japanese variant is served as soup.

classic tantanmen4

Classic Tantanmen Php 360

Classic Tantanmen, a rich miso-based broth infused with ground pork and egg. The spice level was just right (for me, hehe have a higher tolerance for the spicy) Wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought.

karaage tantanmen4

Karaage Tantanmen Php 380

With deep-fried boneless chicken and shiitake mushrooms and a few other vegetables. The chicken in Karaage Tantamen is surpringly not as greasy as expected and also crispy .

ebi tantanmen3

Ebi Tantanmen Php 430

Random piece of information, Ryu (correctly pronounced as rye-yoo) actually means dragon in Japanese. The marketing team shared that four of the owners were born in the year of the Dragon thus the name Ryu was chosen. Nice way to zero in the common denominator. And just like the legendary creature, Ryu captures the imagination and gastronomical experience of those who gets to enjoy its dishes. Also no Gyu Tantanmen was available that day. I will head off again to Ryu for that.

A pleasant thanks to both Open Rice Philippines and Ryu Ramen & Curry for a sharing that gastronomic surprise that is Tantanmen.

Visit RYU Ramen & Curry at the following branches:

  • Tomas Morato cor Sct. Lazcano, Quezon City
  • U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
  • SM Jazz Residences, Jupiter St. cor N. Garcia, Makati City

To know more about Ryu Ramen & Curry, please check their Facebook page.

And to enjoy more photo sharing & food reviews, check out the Open Rice app Open Snap, available on iOS & Android.


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