One of a Kind Cab Experience with Easy Taxi

Announcing the latest team up of Easy Taxi last Oct 30 2014.


Luigi D’ Avola (left) for Sun Cellular


Vernice Enciso (left) for SMART


Phoemela Baranda (left) for Belo and We Chat Girls

Together with brands We Chat, Sun Cellular, SMART & Belo. Easy Taxi has partnered with four of Manila’s biggest brands as it aims to give Filipinos a unique, fast, and safe riding experience with the launch of the Easy Taxi Product Cars.

The world’s biggest taxi booking application to date, EASY TAXI allows passengers to easily request for a taxi and track it in real time- all in just one click.



Beginning October 31 until December 31, Easy Taxi Product Cars will be roving around the streets of Manila, giving free rides to Easy Taxi users while offering one-of-a-kind in-cab experience. The campaign was launched during the 30th at The Eastwood Open Park, with various celebrity endorsers of the different brands (Belo, SMART, Sun Cellular, and We



Crystal Belo, Pimpy (the mascot for Belo) and Phoemela Baranda.
BTW, I tried the their Belo Acne Pro line. It works! I was adverse at first since my skin reacts to a number of skincare products. 


Pimpy in bite size portions courtesy of Belo. 🙂

Among the personalities spotted in the event were celebrities Crystal Belo, Phoemela Baranda, Chino Lui Pio, Luigi D’ Avola, Vernice Enciso and other top executives from the business world. The night unveiled the four product cars, each with a distinctive offering for its passengers from freebies to free Wi-Fi in every vehicle. Sweet huh? Keep your eyes peeled then and better get lucky with that free ride then. 🙂


 To cap off the evening, ended the event with a sky full of fireworks.

Thank you Easy Taxi for launching this new brand partnership. A lot of commuters would be looking forward for a smooth ride during this limited offer. For more updates you can check out their fb page. 🙂


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