Get to Discover a Melting Pot of Color & Wonder with Tourism Malaysia Roadshow 2014 (Part 1)

How awesome is this opportunity for Tourism Malaysia to promote around the Philippines with a roadshow tour?


The roadshow is here to showcase Malaysia’s melting pot of culture, wildlife, the places to go, the cuisine to eat when in Malaysia. Don’t forget the people too!



Tourism Malaysia, the tourism department for the Malaysian government whose vision – mission is to promote their local tourism industry to a number of colleges and universities in our country to establish a bond with their neighboring countries. Also to promote their 2015 Year of Festivals , a continuation of the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and it is aimed at creating awareness among foreign visitors on the various festivals in their country. The goal is to achieve 29.4 million tourist arrivals and RM89 billion in tourist receipts for My Fest 2015.  A random piece of information given by our Malaysian visitors, plane flight from Manila to Kota Kinabalu is around an hour and forty minutes. 🙂

Before returning the PUP’s auditorium for their final leg, we’ve managed to wander around. Aside from airline and travel agencies catering to destinations around Malaysia, we have schools based in Malaysia offering either to earn a degree there or even enroll in their distance learning. How cool is that?


We’ve managed also to have struck a conversation with one of the delegates, adorned in their native wear at the front, whom brought a local musical instrument, the sompoton. Made out of gourd and bamboo pipes . Every material is natural even the adhesive which is made out of wax called Sopinit. Now that’s 100% organic.

As the program began, the Malaysia’s resident dance troupe opened the show by performing traditional dances. The Sabah and Ngarawak Ngajat, a dance that hails from the Iban tribes.



Another dance is the bamboo dance, a lot like our singkil and tinikling dances here but a bit different still with how they assemble the bamboo poles when performing.


Another was an amazing demonstration of two dancing chefs with their favored specialities in hand. One is the roti canai, a kind of flat bread sold in Mamak stalls. “Roti” means bread. The Malay word “canai” on the other hand means “to roll out dough”. Basically means “flying bread” , a term that evokes the process of tossing and spinning by which it is.  The other is teh tarik, or “pulled tea”. The tea is sweetened using condensed milk, then prepared using outstretched hands by pouring the tea from a mug into another, repetitively. It is said, the higher the “tarik” or pull, the thicker the froth. Pulling seems to take an effect in cooling down the tea. Turns out teh tarik is an art form in itself and watching the tea streaming back and forth into the containers can be quite a sight to see.

Honestly, I was kinda left hungry after this. LOL


During the raffle portion courtesy of our generous folks from the airline and travel industry, a number of lucky Tourism students managed to score round trip tickets by participating in the games.


Malaysian Airlines conducted a “Bring Me Game”. A riot ensued. 😉


This is a proboscis monkey mascot, a species known for its rather long nose  was in charge of handing over prizes from loot bags to those coveted tickets.


To cap off the event, an exchange of tokens from the university and from our delegates from Malaysia. May this experience aspire us to travel and discover our other Southeast Asian neighbors’ culture.


Hope you guys get to book your trip soon to Malaysia. Just visit their site to get a taste on what’s in store on your trip.

Special thanks to the people behind Wazzup Pilipinas and The Ad Creator Marketing and Communications for inviting alapaap88 to help cover this  event.


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