Get to Discover a Melting Pot of Color & Wonder with Tourism Malaysia Roadshow 2014 (Part 2)

Continuation of our previous post on Tourism Malaysia. Right after the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) leg, we headed off to the University Belt and arrived to the last destination of the tour, Centro Escolar University (CEU).


We were welcomed by these Tourism students in Filipiniana attire, which are used in special functions such as this event for this day. They’re in pink folks because this is the university’s color. 😉


Now everyone has gathered around the auditorium waiting for the show to start.


And yes, Malaysia’s dance team wowed again this set of audience.




We did mention we the program had a portion where brands and services held games for the audience. One of the games was Pinoy Henyo. If you’re from the Philippines, it’s based from a game from a noontime show where the player will be asking for hints from the audience, their answers will only respond with a yes or a no. Once, the player figures it out they can answer.


In this game, all of the topics were related to Malaysia’s tourist spots and the occasional local food.


The answer is usually shown behind or over the contestant. 😉

The entire auditorium was on the edge of their seats and so was the probocis monkey mascot.



Did I ever tell you that was the place I wanted to go to if I ever get to travel Malaysia? Haha.


We were all privileged that day with a representative from Legoland Malaysia. She drew a raffle for a maximum of 2 people in the crowd for a chance to win a trip to Legoland! Lucky winners.



At the end of the day, after discovering bits and pieces on what makes Malaysia a melting pot of multicultural races, colorful histories and a wonderful mix  of the old world and modern. We had to bid farewell to this Southeast Asian neighbor of ours. This was also the final leg of the roadshow.

We hope we did satiate your curious mind on the wonders of Malaysia, and if you want to find out the rich, cultural heritage that they have to offer.  Drop by Tourism Malaysia.

Once again, we thank the people behind Wazzup Pilipinas and The Ad Creator Marketing and Communications for inviting alapaap88 to help cover this  event.


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