Back to back with Rumpus Room and The Appraisery. A Geeky Christmas Party

During the holidays, managed to drop by Cubao X for the Geek Christmas Party organized by
We didn’t celebrate like what you’d usually see during the holidays but we did party like geeks. I’m guilty as charged.

First, we headed off to Rumpus Room, a Video Game Cafe offering PS3 and PS4 games.


As you can see, we’re a full house right now. Also they offer 1 – 4 player games, Rockband, Street Fighter, Tekken and the list goes on. They also offer themed tournaments. Just check out their fb page for announcements.



But wait! there’s more they do also serve snacks such as wraps and nachos.

Unfortunately for those who usually like my food posts, since I came from a massive holiday lunch (aka I arrived with a full tank) . I wasn’t able to try some grub but I’ll definitely come back and try them so I could share pics. 😀


Then we head off to The Appraisery, a collectibles, snack and sandwich shop all rolled in one. We meet the guys behind The Appraisery at the second floor of the shop which has a shelf load of boardgames, they animatedly narrated how it all began. Apart from they’ve relocated the shop from Greenhills. They decided to to put board games that you can play for free  while you’re at The Appraisery, just don’t forget to order at the cafe downstairs. As their head barista and “Renaissance Man” Victor Prieto from Seattle, WA has some coffee creations and sandwiches for all of you to try while you sip and play. Tip, some of their best sellers are not on the menu. Now how to crack open some of their confidential snacks.





We’ve been taken a tour of their rather extensive collection of board games which ranges from party games to Euro-type of games to suit the patron’s preference. Yes, hardcore gamers we’ve got tabletop games like Battlestar Galatica and role playing games (RPG) such as Dungeon Masters.   Here are some of their games.


Kolejka which means “queue” in Polish. Based on the communist era during the 1980’s, the game revolves around the players sending their family members  to buy items on the shopping list, the twist though is the shelves are bare.


Game of Thrones. Yes. Game of Thrones.
So my friends who are fans of the books and the series. Shall we drop by and play? ❤


Time’s Up

A party games based charades with Gestures thrown in. You’ll need two or more players. The more the merrier I kid you not. The game has 3 rounds, where we start with the use of words, sound effects and charades as they give their clues as the game precedes further the rules become more restricting up to the point it becomes non-verbal. Sounds scary.


We joined the Times’s Up game and boy, we were in for a surprise.


Originally we felt awkward amongst the crowd. By halfway of the first round, it was long gone. Haha. We were all in stitches after all the crazy gestures we’ve been doing.


Enjoyed this geeky event and you can get geeky anytime of the year, so if you’re up for some Rockband or Libertalia. You can visit them with the details below.

The Appraisery is open (except for Mondays) from 2pm to 12am.

Rumpus Room is also open from 2pm to 12am daily.

General Romulo Avenue, Cubao Expo, Araneta Center, Quezon City


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