We Now Would Like to (Re) Introduce Manuel

Previously, we’ve been all at our wits’ end on the unraveling of Manuel and what awaits for him? as posted on various billboards in and out of the city. It’s been circulating around, now last May 22nd we were there to witness on who is this mysterious Manuel.


We were said to drop by Edsa Shangri-La Friday afternoon. Oddly enough, there was no Manuel related event listed for that time in their function rooms. But there was a reunion of MLQU slotted at that time. With the wild idea this could be the event, we’ve been sent to. Imagine, even the media was not given in detail what was going on. Our accomplices did give us leads it was the MLQU reunion.

Edsa Shangri-La Lobby

With Cyrene, taking a selfie with, uh, this celebrity’s name escapes me. Ano name ba niya?

Manuel-03 Manuel-04 Manuel-05
Some of the food served from the event, while we were waiting for the big surprise. 🙂

Hosts for the night, Luanne Dy and Drew Arellano.
If you happened to have followed my IG and fb posts, you’ve probably read me stating I missed my hair sometime ago. It was reminiscent to Drew’s. Haha.


Turns out, New San Jose Builders has tied up with Manuel L. Quezon University, as they relocate their campus in the Quezon City area, across a NSJBI property situated along EDSA. Yes, they’re also behind the concept of Manuel.

“It’s about time that we get back on track and build the culture of excellence and legacy of becoming an outstanding institution,” New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI) co-chairman and MLQU president Dr. Isagani Germar stated during the event.

New San Jose Builders has gained the acquisition of MLQU October 2014, plans on upgrading the relocated campus along with its curriculum has began taking another form. New and improved. Their goal is to reclaim its position as a place that creates future nation-builders and produces graduates that would attain a 100% passing rate in exams. As said, MLQU has claimed to keep and maintain their legacy in our nation.

Aside from the relocation, they’ve expanded their campus to Balanga, Bataan. Strengthening its Professional School, the School for Professional Advancement & Con btinuing Education (SPACE), which further enhances the education they provide. Other courses offered in MLQU,  Law and Paralegal Studies, Education, Arts and Sciences, Accountancy and Business Arts, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Criminology, Architecture, and Information Technology. Under the new management’s supervision,they plan to add a course that will tackle on real estate management.

MLQU held their grand alumni homecoming at the Edsa Shangri-La, Manila, with the theme: “MLQU Regaining its Glory! Sikat ‘pag Quezonian” hosted by Luanne Dy and GMA Kapuso host Drew Arellano. The event was attended by notable MLQU Alumni.


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