The Perspective So Far

We’ve managed to have resumed Sessions Illustrated earlier this year with a quick walk through on the basics of perspective which comes in handy when you draw backgrounds if you want to create a full illustration to help in narrating a story. Unlike before we’ve managed to have a monthly meet up for the past years, we’ve decided to focus on the quality of our meet ups opposed to quantity. So this year, we’ve planned to have each meet up with a theme and a topic or skill in drawing we will be discussing about.



One place that came into mind was Pan de Amerikana, a bakery and restaurant tucked in a quiet neighborhood in Marikina city. Each Pan de Amerikana branches seem to have a different theme as an attraction.  But all seem to have a consistent  look that describes as rustic and  random.

With various items around on display, not to mention their variety of chess pieces in different designs and sizes which the Marikina is known for.  This venue was used chosen as our reference for our attendees during the workshop.

Check out the photoset over at their facebook page for more info about our previous SI. 🙂

If you want to join and attend the next meet up, we’ll be posting it in a while.


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