Tanned in Manila, The Tannery Pop Up Store

Select pieces have been created yet still waiting to be discovered, a local brand that should made to be loved for its classic and timeless leather goods and accessories – The Tannery Manila

The Tannery Manila is currently holding a POP-up sale this weekend at Level 1, Tiendesitas that features a huge price drop of up to 60%. 

TM-01Mini cross hand bags, surprised with the collection here in the pop-up. Most of their online selections came in classic colors, but definitely delighted to see a few of them in colors that definitely would pop with a classic neutral outfit such as the red and pink ones.

TM-03These weekender bags, which remind me of those from Zara. Would like to get one for the weekend or quick trips. They might make good camera bags too.  

These definitely caught my eye. Sleek, functional and roomy in homage to Celine. They come with detachable shoulder straps too. Would work well with corporate to formal day wear.

You can check the rest of the selection on a regular day, drop by their store at 2nd Floor, Building A, Tiendesitas, Pasig.



2 thoughts on “Tanned in Manila, The Tannery Pop Up Store

    1. They might have another sale soon. Crossing my fingers on that. 🙂 From up close they do, wanted to pack my camera in it to test it but I might get caught by their staff. Hehehe…

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