Hello Lucy

Lucy-the-FrenchieNoticed a lot of people have taken a liking for French Bulldogs lately and left me in wonder on why. Last weekend, came across this little lady named Lucy and finally found out on the later. They’re adorable and playful.

If you’re reading this, I’d like to ask a question. Do you have any pets and out of curiosity, what are your pets’ temperament? :))


2 thoughts on “Hello Lucy

  1. I have petssss. (Stress sa “S”. Lol. Dogs, cats and birdssss.) Temperament: maldita, makulit, pacute, papansin, praning, sweet at isang baliw. Hahaha! And nag-i-interchange sila nang temperament! Ang consistent lang talag si baliw. Hahahaha!

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