The Eyebrowdery: Stunning Brow Embroidery and Other Beauty Styles Redefined


Eyes are pretty delicate, in which I take extra care after putting long hours of work in front of the computer. These are paid with tired eyes, eye bags and sometimes unkempt eyebrows. In return, I regularly try to get the required hours of sleep a day, drink water, religiously use skin care products, wear sunglasses when I go out and also, let me tell you a secret. I do pay visits to have my unruly thick brows to be shaped, the probably only girly aspect I have. I’ve been taken to care for my eyebrows as for they’ve define our face and enhance our features.


Last week at we were invited at The Eyebrowdery. Launched March 2015, this upcoming specialist which offers innovative 3D technology make up in this country. Thus, their mission is to beautify each and every individual by offering beauty maintenance  from eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions, waxing, etc. You can choose from a selection of  services  for your eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, nails and more. They even provide services for the men too.

Awaken the goddess within. 😉


Klarisse Tabao, CEO of The Eyebrowdery went off to Singapore to take up classes at a reputable school when it comes to embroidery, Aesthetics International Academy. A true kikay at heart, she was highly commended for her natural skills in enhancing all things beautiful by a touch was given a Diploma in Permament Make-Up Embroidery. Klarisse has now brought this expertise to the Philippines. Her clientele boast a number of celebrities already.

If this is the first time you’ve encountered make up embroidery, this beauty innovation is quite popular among fashion forward countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. The last two countries, I am sold. This process enhances the look of your desired feature in their list of services. An procedure also they take pride on is that all the materials such as the ink come from natural plant extracts, making it environment friendly, organic and assure you its 100% safe.


Now onto our kikay adventures! Definitely, this one of the cleanest establishments I’ve seen around. Plus the practice of good hygiene here is a must.

We’ve been given an opportunity to experience their other services aside from the Eyebrow Embroidery, which is Eyeliner Tinting and Make up Proof Lip Job. Along with two other brave souls, Kim received the Eyebrow Embroidery while Shy got the make up proof lip job. I had the Eyeliner Tinting.

Kim before her procedure.

For Eyebrow Embroidery, you get to select swatches for your brow color based on your skin tone or your current hair color. Another is, you get a recommendation on what kind of brow shape you should have based on your face shape.


Eyebrowdery-Kim03A shot while Klarisse was working her magic on Kim. During the procedure, Kim found the pain tolerable even it did sting slight.
If you’ve taken an interest on Eyebrow Embroidery, you can follow Kim’s blog on her experience.

Shy during the Make-Out-Proof Lip Embroidery procedure. Seriously, she’s a brave one too. If you’ve fancied Lip Embroidery, follow Shy’s blog as she discloses her story.

Hi there! I think this is the very first time I stepped forward the lens here in the blog since I prefer behind the lens. 😉 Decided to pick this since when I’m out definitely I’m under the sun. One of my peeves though is if I chance to be outside on a hot, humid day my eye make up doesn’t stay on. 😦

Before we started, we took a patch test if I had any reactions. Definitely a must, since I have very sensitive skin and there wasn’t any. Check!

During the procedure, I felt a bit slight of ease when we were informed of the anesthesia was topical. Whew. Now the scary part for me is I might just scream in pain. Haha. At first, my eyelids had an involuntary reflex to resist then but as it continued my eyelids became a bit comfortable.
And yes, that’s me. Thanks Nikolai for the photo.

After our procedures, we’ve been advised to stay away from the sun, avoid any activities that can cause excessive sweating such as gym or any outdoor activities to avoid any infections and no make up for us at the moment,. Also we’ve been given balms to apply to soothe the swollen areas.

Eyebrowdery-KeiqAniqa showing some love for The Eyebrowdery.

If you’ve been planning to enhance your eyebrows or been considering a semi permanent eyeliner, you can inquire or book an appointment at

The Eyebrowdery
Unit 201 Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut Sr. Northeast Greenhills 1502, San Juan City, Metro Manila
Mobile: 0916 631 7433
Landline: (02) 751 7236
IG: @eyebrowdery
FB Page: The Eyebrowdery


6 thoughts on “The Eyebrowdery: Stunning Brow Embroidery and Other Beauty Styles Redefined

    1. Hello there! Thank you, hoping I get to maintain & care for these as well hehe. Looking forward to met you up at future events. 🙂

  1. I don’t get to take care of my eyes that much, especially as I usually just stay in and work all day on my computer. But once in a while, everyone should. Great post! Thank you for this. Also, this is such an artsy blog, Tinsley! I’ll see you around. 🙂 ~Mary

    1. Same here, usually I just try to keep my brows shaped once in a while especially if I have to go out for a meeting. And thank you very much Mary!

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