Kpop Rookies at YES KPOP CONCERT

KPOP Rookies will be taking over the concert scene from September to October 2015 with YES KPOP CONCERT. Featuring two new upcoming KPOP groups female rookies ASHA back to back with male rookie group FameUS.

From their recent visit in the country earlier this year. The tour has garnered love from the local Kpop following. FameUS is back again with a concert. The group, which debuted on September 4, 2014 with their song Crazy.
Here’s FameUS and their performance on a music show:


Comprised of six members: Hansaem, Kudo, Junghoon, Daeyoung, Doah and Hanyoung.

The fanbase name for FameUS is called BL1SS, there’s also already a local community wherein you can get in touch with and for official updates of the group, here are their social media accounts:
Facebook: FameUS
Twitter: FameUskn
Youtube: FameUSofficial

Now alongside FameUS, gracing us is the four girl rookie group ASHA  with their retro drum dance number release entitled Mr. Liar.

Have to admit, yes I am also a fan of Kpop. Bet you’d be wondering whom do I listen to. With idol groups, I’ve usually started following groups a year old or even years after debut by randomly watching them on youtube. Other instances, a friend would randomly send me a link because she needed to express how <insert fangirly adjectives> they are. Haha. Now, let me disclose my fandoms, in no particular order are Cassiopeia, EXO-L and V.I.P. Cookies for you guys, if you know those fanbases I’m talking about. For those who do not follow this genre, in Kpop some fanclub names don’t really at first ring a bell, it could be based of one of their early singles or something synonymous to the group. Bet right now some fans would be curious with biases, that will be discussed elsewhere. For other groups apart from the boyband hysteria that I am following, I’m a fan also of f(x). Still have to address them with their because they have no fanbase name yet. I must resist on complaining why they haven’t been given one yet. Also, I’ve been listening to Clazziquai and discovered lately Savina & Drones. Usually, I’d listen to new artists or groups to check out their sound. As a Kpop fan, I would like to see how these groups will develop from rookies to top idols in the Kpop world. So watch out! I’ve got my eye on them.


Now, for all you BL1SS and Kpop fans. Don’t forget the dates FameUS and Asha will be at the YES KPOP CONCERT, Ynares Sports Complex at Shaw on September 18, 2015 and SMX Convention Center, Davao on October 2, 2015. Brought to you by Zoomanity Group, the leading company in theme park industry, thru its affiliate Yupangco Exhibits and Shows(YES) has come together with Redstone Media Production to bring you the latest sensations in Korean Pop Music.


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