Vote for Ang Kaibigan Kong Bato at the Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards

Taken from one of the pages of Ang Kaibigan Kong Bato (My Rock Friend).
The book is available at the children’s book section at leading bookstores nationwide.

If you happen to have been following me online, I’ve mentioned before that one of the things that I do is I draw illustrations for children’s books. Discovered Ang INK way back, which is an organization that focuses of local children’s book illustration scene which I was fortunate to have participated in group exhibits after becoming a member.

May it be a small intimate exhibition in galleries to larger venues such as Ayala Museum or Cultural Center of the Philippines. I was quite happy that I finally got to join exhibitions, which are now scratched off the bucket list. It took some time before I was able to receive offers to illustrate childrens’ picture books. I cannot hide the fact, the tiny bouts of anxiety that the work that I do will never get picked up by publishers ran in my head but I managed not to entertain that thought which could consume me in the least positive manner. Bottom line is I was able to get my illustrations out sometime later in kid lit industry in a grand scheme of things that fate has been planned for me. I may have been just a bit impatient, we’ve finally scratched getting a published illustrated book out of the list too haha. 

You can also see some of my work posted on my page at Ang INK 🙂

And not so long ago we’ve received news that the children’s book Ang Kaibigan Kong Bato (My Rock Friend) a story where our main character teaches his friend on how a bit of empathy and a dash of sensitivity can get you through, written  by Aliona Silva and has been illustrated by yours truly has been included in the nomination for Children’s picture book category at the Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards. Just drop by this link for more info

Personally, I’m beyond bounds of sheer joy and gratitude for this and this time this was never part of the bucket list. Thank you very much for putting us on the nomination!
You can vote for us to be included in the finals. And you can vote via this link
Just head to the selection Children’s Picture Books then select Ang Kaibigan Kong Bato.

Ang Kaibigan Kong Bato (My Rock Friend) book cover,
just in case you want to pick up your very own copy from the bookstore.

Cast your vote! Voting period ends on Sept. 25!


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