The Hungry Panda

It’s been awhile since I’ve wandered elsewhere for another food haunt, outside my so-called realm. Now incidents as such usually happens when, I’ve read good reviews or a friend kindly drags me out. The later happened courtesy of blogger buddy who tackles countless genres Rattus!

Our recent food trip has lead us to the  farther areas of Commonwealth, nearing the legendary Far-view. Pun intended. The Hungry Panda, located at Don Antonio Heights is virtually near the corner of Commonwealth Avenue so it’s an easy find.

DSC_0985We’ve been served gulaman while waiting for the main course. Well presented & not overwhelmingly sweet.

Started out as a concept derived from a group of friends who had this love for Chinese food. Thus, with this burning passion, they’ve managed to put up the place on May 2014. Also, they hired staff who had worked in Chinese restaurants.Their resident chef has 25 years of experience under its belt. The Hungry Panda planned to target students as their main market since they’ve priced them reasonably but as time passed they’ve garnered also families who are now patrons of the restaurant. Not only those within the area but also people who live elsewhere who happened to have heard good reviews online. As for me, it was serendipity. I was in the mood for some Chinese food.

DSC_1000Panda rolls, one of the best sellers! Also one of the fast moving orders here.Bean curd goodness rolled in heaven. Recommended for consumption once served to enjoy its crispy skin. Surprisingly not greasy.

DSC_1008Lemon Chicken, best paired with their sauce.

DSC_1014Sweet and Sour Fish, tender and light to the bite.

DSC_1042Lechon Kawali, happy to discover the meat is soft, easily pulls apart. Delicious hands down. Plus, the sauce is excellent too.

DSC_1029The enormous Panda Plate, definitely the superstar on their menu. Consists of beef, pork, chicken, dumplings and noodles. Perfect for big gatherings. Also, customers would order these for take out for their parties and personal gatherings.

DSC_1033Hakaw, another on the menu that is light with its mild yet flavorful. One of the night’s highlights.

DSC_1049Xiao Long Bao. This dumpling with soup inside just burst flavors in your mouth. The ginger aftertaste was definitely present. That’s why we recommend it to take it as a whole. Also, try to dip it in black vinegar.

DSC_1060There’s also their fried dumplings, full to the brim plus points  for a very crunchy wrapper. You can also choose your rice, from the classic staple garlic rice to their deliciously fragrant Yang Chow. They also have their very own chili sauce, done inside The Hungry Panda kitchen.

DSC_1046They also have spareribs rice, filling and usually ordered by students.

DSC_1061They also served us congee! This was surprising for me, this was the first time I’ve had a very fine consistency to the congee for consumption. Snacks and desserts you say, definitely there’s room for that. Their buchi, which they serve lotus in it! My usual buchi encounters have mongo beans so I’m absolutely delighted with this one.

Hungry Panda guarantees their food is fresh, not pre-cooked. Everything is prepared at the very moment you give your order.

Here’s also a video done by Rattus during our visit, which included us mingling with their regular customers. 😀

Be sure to look out for more information from The Hungry Panda, they’ve already put up another branch  along Congressional Avenue last July. Plus a few more in the future, accessible soon in your neighborhood perhaps?

Hungry Panda
#16 Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights, Commonwealth QC
Landline: (02) 504-1057, (02) 565-6625
Mobile: 0905-220-7694
FB Page


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