My Heart Beats with San Francisco Ear Pods. The Urbanista Life.

Artwork by me 😉

Usually when I  work, may it be writing, design or illustration I usually turn to good music or listen to podcasts or talks while I’m at it. If you’ve followed my IG, you’ve seen I’ve been using a pair of San Francisco ear pods. I’ve managed to feel relaxed and at ease, even if there’s deathlines I mean deadlines.
The urban life tends to lead stressful times and we don’t give ourselves the time the need to unwind from an increasingly active lifestyle we lead from day to day. Sometimes, we don’t always prioritize our well-being or the environment we live in. Living in harmony with ourselves is fundamental to our social and mental wellness.

Liking their packaging. 🙂

With every corner, line and curve created with a classic Scandinavian aesthetic, Urbanista products are functional to deliver timeless accessories that enables the urban dweller to be who you want, to be wherever you are. Regardless of which city origin you’re from or live in, these day-to-day companions celebrate the essence and spirit that all Urbanistas share – the experience to be truly free in a mobile world. Crafted from a passion for color, form and sound. Born to brave the challenges of life in motion. This is Urbanista.

18537_urb3 18537_urb1
A close up on the San Francisco 😉

The San Francisco. These dynamic ear-pods that are second to none in wearing comfort.
If you’re looking for earphones that can serve for both music and phone calls, Urbanista has them. Your ear is like a finger print and we’ve been working hard with ergonomics to give a practical yet cool hybrid earphones that fit perfectly in all ears. Technology on the inside gives you quality audio and remote-controlled functionality.

Just one of the many colors one can select from, this one called… Rainbow 😀

Been using these ear pods for sometime, definitely this is made for music and talk.Well thought of ergonomic design, I’ve always taken a liking with flat cables since I’ve been charged to experience these cables would last longer and also, tangle-free. The pods stay in tact in my ear lobes. I’m at ease after hours of use, had a number of ear buds I had to take them out after their material would usually irritate me later. Suitable for music, the sound produced by these pods are full, even if the bass has been less emphasized and for the talk function. We’ve got a handsfree mic and calls are clear so far.
Story so far, if you want an alternative to your Apple headset you could opt for these with its quality.

While I’m at it, here are a few more headsets units from Urbanista, you might like:
Miami is a classic foldable mid-size headphone. This large acoustic housing provides for a rich sound experience and keeps distracting noises out. The frame’s flexibility, the soft headband and ear pads allow the headphones to rest comfortably on your ears. With hands-free, you don’t only control your calls, but also your music. Tucked inside the headphones, a powerful and well-balanced speaker system delivers thick bass topped with clear sound across the range.

20606_urb1 20606_urb3

Discreet and diverse, these sport earphones will keep you going without hassle.
Boost your performance with your favourite beats! Rio are extra comfy sport earphones with GoFit, a silicon wing design,ensuring a secure fit as well as deeper and more comprehensive sound that’ll keep you motivated. The mesh coating and the earphones’ unique construction make them water-resistant and easy to clean. The built-in mic allows you to take your calls anywhere you go.

Your everyday communication tool. Oslo are straightforward and multi-functional earphones designed to comfortably rest in your outer ear with only moderate noise suppression. This means that you’re always aware of your ambient environment and won’t hear your own voice when you’re on the phone.  Use the single button remote to control your music and calls. The built-in mic allows you to take calls anywhere you go.
Share your music! Let your personal soundtrack flow through the air. Sydney is a Bluetooth speaker with soft exterior, which makes it durable in rough handling. It’s also water resistant, this means you don’t have to worry about an occasional shower. The colour matched nylon strap makes Sydney easy to carry or hang in a suitable location. With a complimentary cable, you can also connect Sydney to additional speakers, creating an even stronger sound.

Urbanista can be found in Gizmo, Power Mac, Switch and PC Works (Megamall and Shangri-La branches only)

You can also learn more about their headphones and their updates over at their fb page.


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