Wear Your Music, The life of an Urbanista

Artwork by me. 😉

The urban youth is known for being tech savvy, the fact we’re quite known for a strong number of social media users and also infamous for taking selfies at a rather high rate per click, worldwide. Such facts has made us visible on the global map. Just one of those points that defines us urban dwellers living in this fast paced tech life.  Another is this immense love for music, a part of  culture and lifestyle. A way of life. The life of an Urbanista.


Urbanista has finally launched its brand here in the Philippines here at the Chef and Brewer Bar and Restaurant. Also not only Urbanista has selected the Philippines to have their products launched in the country but also as the first around the South East Asian Region.

These headphones are so stylish yet also practical make the daily life even engaging and more fun. Originally from Sweden, Urbanista is an exceptional piece with its classic Scandinavian sensibilities of design. Today, headphones are adored as a pieces of fashionable accessories an urbanite may possess. As you wear your music, you show your identity. Also, that you’re connected. Each design launched stands out in differently, yet still remains low key. Definitely, they deliver great sound and high functionality for a price. Form and design has spoken in its most original language. Their collection Wear Your Music delivers on two distinctive platforms: Dressed and Functional.

Urbanista_MiamiA Miami heasdet in white

Dressed Audio.Their premium headphones cater to the fashion conscious music lovers who are passionately express their love for great sound at a reasonable price. These headphones create a statement with a sophisticated touch.

Functional Audio, wherein these designs are based on a colorful variety of headphones that speak the same language as the consumer, yet each has their own distinctive characteristics. Whatever you’re looking for great sound or the most comfortable hands-free, Urbanista has it.

Urbanista_SydneyThe Sydney is a Bluetooth speaker with soft exterior

Urbanista Headphones positions themselves as a fashionable
quality brand, yet affordable with the end user in focus. Marketed as accessories for your smartphone, They have reached telecom specialists and consumer electronics to lifestyle and retail. They focus on selling through APR (Apple Premium resellers) as they partner for accessories to their iPad, IPhone and iPod products. They also work fine with android phones.

Urbanista can be found in Gizmo, Power Mac, Switch and PC Works (Megamall and Shangri-La branches only)

You can also learn more about their headphones and their updates over at their fb page.


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