The Hungry Panda

It’s been awhile since I’ve wandered elsewhere for another food haunt, outside my so-called realm. Now incidents as such usually happens when, I’ve read good reviews or a friend kindly drags me out. The later happened courtesy of blogger buddy who tackles countless genres Rattus!

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The Perspective So Far

We’ve managed to have resumed Sessions Illustrated earlier this year with a quick walk through on the basics of perspective which comes in handy when you draw backgrounds if you want to create a full illustration to help in narrating a story. Unlike before we’ve managed to have a monthly meet up for the past years, we’ve decided to focus on the quality of our meet ups opposed to quantity. So this year, we’ve planned to have each meet up with a theme and a topic or skill in drawing we will be discussing about.

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Southern American Cooking at Don Andres



Discovered Peruvian cuisine themed restaurant here Don Andres. Tucked along Sgt. Esguerra Street, Don Andres surprised us with a great ambiance and delicious food. Originally from Scout Tobias, they’ve currently relocated  the restaurant. Ran by four friends, they’ve decided to put up a resto with a South American flair. They’ve worked with a Peruvian chef, who grew up in Japan. Yes, that’s right. Japan. Turns out there is a large number of Peruvians also residing in the land of the rising sun. After creating a menu the way the chef has wanted it as so, they’ve managed to present an array of dishes. While names do sound familiar with our association with Spanish culture. Some of the food here are brand new to the taste.

DA-DonAndresDon Andres’ cleverly designed logo. Exactly what do you see? 🙂

Tried out Inca Kola, an import from where else Peru. 😉
This soda has an unusual sweet, fruity flavor. Comparable to bubblegum & cream soda, if you’re familiar with these 2.

Choros A la Chalaca, Peruvian mussels with citrus corn salad. Continue reading Southern American Cooking at Don Andres

Sweet Escapes with the Kitchen Diaries Café

Lately, I’ve come to discover the hustle and bustle of restaurants and cafes opening along the Kapitolyo area.  Dropped by this quaint coffee shop named Kitchen Diaries Café along First Street located in Pasig City. Opened its doors last August with a neighborhood cafe concept in mind. So it’s not only for those who live around the vicinity that would want a sweet dessert with their coffee or  breakfast all-day meal in the middle of the day but also aspire their customers to experience and share stories.


The Kitchen Diaries Café, also has a nickname, which is  KiD, a shortened version of the restaurant’s name. Very true to their sweet  nickname, KiD offers a list of ranging from desserts, all-day breakfast meals to interesting hot and cold coffee concoctions.



Once stepped into the cafe, I was endeared with all these pretty interiors and decor. KiD wanted to have this feel to their shop as if it were a place one can call it a momentary sweet escape from the everyday routine of school or work wherein you can unwind and feel like a kid as you enjoy some known childhood sweet treats.


We were welcomed by the owners along with this massive table of lovely sweets arranged for us to try.



But first, let’s begin with some starters.


Buffalo Wings with Nachos. Never thought they’d make a combo as such. They actually go very well, what we liked about this was the sauce. Which is a secret recipe they cannot disclose. 😉


Next were their rice bowls, Mongolian stir fry and their Mexican stir fry. If you prefer your meal a bit spicy, try the Mexican bowl.


Their bestseller the Roasted Angus Corned Beef, paired with English Style Scrambled Eggs and Fried Rice is a must try from their all-day breakfast menu.

Now onto dessert!


Their No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake was a surprise, it wasn’t overwhelmingly rich it just gave the right texture and it was light to the bite.


Their other coffee concoctions served were Frozen Espresso shots and the coffee shake, this one was the Nutella Ferrerro Frappe. Yes. Nutella. 😉


A favorite drink of the young and the young at heart, the Milo Bomb.


And their specialty the Frozen KiD, coffee iced cubes separately served with another glass of milk and a spoon of whipped cream for a sweeter thought you can measure or not. 😉 Presentation wise, this wins for me. I’ve been pouring myself with all these Pinterest pretty photos of coffee iced cubes and a tall glass of milk for quite sometime. KiD made my wish come true. Definitely, sweet dreams are made of these. Haha.

To get to know more about this neighborhood cafe,  Kitchen Diaries Café
Unit 1E, 1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

To know more about Kitchen Diaries, please check their Facebook page.
And to enjoy more photo sharing & food reviews, check out the Open Rice app Open Snap, available on iOS & Android.

Great Starts. Happy Endings. With The Breakfast Club

Another discovery of great eats awaits! And we find ourselves here at a neighborhood restaurant which offers the delicious honest to goodness comfort food here in Quezon City. The Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club

For you movie buffs out there nope it wasn’t named after that movie in the 80’s. It was simply because the owner loved the first meal of the day which is breakfast. Actually, so do I. 😉

A common routine for the owner was he (or she) loved dining out for breakfast hence the concept for The Breakfast Club was born. Dropped by their store to see this minimal and absolutely clean interiors. Would love to return here when some tranquil downtime is needed.


Yes, did I mention comfort food earlier? They also serve meals that are what you happen to have on lunch, dinner and in-between meals.

Here’s what The Breakfast Club offers

DSC_0308Tapsilog, they serve premium angus beef. 🙂

DSC_0301Aglio Olio

Baby Back Ribs


Watermelon Shake, it was literally refreshing! 🙂

Quite surprised they served a couple of Korean dishes here but they’ve tweaked into something more palatable to the local taste. Double surprised it was ingeniously done well. 🙂

Korean Beef Stew 

Chef Athena serving our bibimbap for dinner.

Our chefs were really nice to serve and prepare the food. It’s a practice they do here. To attend the customers needs, they would even sit down and spend a few minutes to get acquainted with you.

And last but not the least, room for dessert! ❤



DSC_0335 DSC_0334

Instead of caramel, their Pannacotta had dulce de leche instead whicg gave a fresh and sweet twist to it. Their Choco Lava Cake in which they claim is a favorite in the menu is truly one. Their cake is soft and gooey that it melts in your mouth. A wonderful symphony hits you with their cold combination of ice cream. As for the Oreo Cheesecake, it was wonderfully light as opposed to what we’ve been accustomed to with cheesecakes.

While they do serve breakfast all day, they also have a breakfast buffet from Friday to Sunday starting from 7:30 am in the morning until 10:00 am for all of you to enjoy.

TBC has two branches where you can pay a visit:

43 Tirad Pass Street Corner Santo Domingo Avenue, Near Banawe, Santo Domingo, Quezon City

Pioneer Center Supermart, 8006 Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

To discover more updates on what’s new on their menu. Drop by their facebook page too.