A Tale Spun on Nettle

Takes from Princess Nettle Weaver

Can you guess what story this has been based? šŸ™‚

Participating work for the upcoming
Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataanā€˜s 23rd Annual Exhibit
Tale Spun: A New Spin on Favorite Stories
Dec 12, 4pm at Canvas Gallery and Garderns
1-C Upsilon Drive Ext. Alpha Village, Diliman QC





Tale Spun: A New Spin on Favorite Stories

See you this coming Friday guys!


Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan‘s 23rd Annual Exhibit
Tale Spun: A New Spin on Favorite Stories
Dec 12, 4pm at Canvas Gallery and Garderns
1-C Upsilon Drive Ext. Alpha Village, Diliman QC


Ang INK Fest 2014: A Celebration of Creativity in Children’s Literature

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan presents INK Fest 2014 at the 10a Alabama this coming Saturday!
Enjoy the day featuring talks from your favorite illustrators, live art and of course, our lovely artwork on display.


For directions to 10A Alabama, you can refer to this map. šŸ™‚


Images drawn by Sabrina Palmares

For more information visit our facebook page. šŸ™‚

A Curious Buffet Opening Night

curious buffet

Opening night at Post Gallery at Cubao X. A successful exhibit, despite the heavy rains we’ve got a number of visitors who flocked the gallery. Thank you guys!

DSC_0277Post Gallery

DSC_0216Birthday Boy Leo, Kay & Jason

DSC_0223Front: Bugok & Suman by Rev Cruz. Back: Brainy Broth by Yas Doctor

DSC_0228Annie’s Magical Realm & Jason’sĀ  Bottle Collection

DSC_0231Patrons have been asking… if this apple is for real?

DSC_0232Iori’s Pottery Collection

DSC_0234A Wall of Delectable Delights šŸ™‚

DSC_0227Guess what’s for dinner? šŸ™‚

DSC_0224Kusina on Display

DSC_0259Egg Army

DSC_0235A Battle of Wits

DSC_0254Hello Marikit! Credits to the nice person who wanted to learn how to take pictures using my camera.

You can view more photos by visiting our fb page to see all these wonderful pieces on display.

A CURIOUS BUFFET Ang I.N.K. Group Exhibit

A CURIOUS BUFFET Ang I.N.K. Group Exhibit

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan presents an exhibition inspired by the kitchen.
Pots and pans, teacups and spoons are the stuff of the everyday and the normal. We use our kitchenware and utensils almost unthinkingly – picking them up, using them, washing them down over and over again. Kitchen and table utensils are the tools of our daily domestic routines and are steeped in the matter-of-factness of life. Spoons and teapots can be some of the most unremarkable things in the world. Utilitarian and ordinary as they are, one may think that they are far removed from the wonder of the visual arts.
But art can exist in everyday things. In this exhibit, Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan aims to juxtapose the common kitchen utensil with the magic of art. Factory made utensils give way to artworks made with hands. The artworks on display will use kitchen items and utensils as starting points for sculptures and paintings. Objects that were originally intended for cooking and eating will be reassembled, recombined, repainted and transformed to items for pure visual enjoyment.
In the end, when all the artworks are assembled, the intention is to create a collection of desserts and treats of a different sort for both the eye and the mind.

Post (formerly PABLO) Cubao X
Exhibit Opening: June 29, 2013/ Saturday/ 6pm
Exhibit runs until July 13, 2013.