Ready. Steady. Let’s Draw.

Sessions Illustrated is at it again. We’ll be back this coming weekend. So anyone up for another Saturday afternoon? We’ve got character design workshop this time featuring a sub genre you’ve might have encountered in a tv series or an anime you’ve been following. Steam Punk! If you happen to be in the QC area, drop by then. Order a cup of coffee. Bring out your drawing materials. Let’s draw as we also get to unwind this weekend.


Check out for additional updates over at their facebook page about our SI activities. 🙂


When Fairytales have Gone Wrong. Sessions Illustrated at Afters.

DSC_0310And here’s our Fairytale Mayhem Night at afters Espressos & Desserts

Our barista made some latte art with some BBC Sherlock, too cool to drink.

DSC_0276Obligatory coffee shot.

DSC_0275Affogato. Before.

DSC_0279Affogato. After the espresso has been poured.

DSC_0273Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

DSC_0274Ferrero Cake

DSC_0281We’ve got a special guest today, comic book artist Butch Mapa. Been a while since I’ve met some lately. Check his works out, here.

And now for the event of the night, fairytale mayhem expect the unexpected & a whole bunch of twists on your way. Here are some of the artworks created.

DSC_0316Adorably funny doodles of Disney heroines with some peculiar morsels for consumption. lol

DSC_0331A brilliant idea that spells fun, swimming in popcorn.

DSC_0294A curse within a curse within a curse… that’s like inception coming your way.

DSC_0313A love triangle with an unexpected twist.

DSC_0327Buta! that is fun. I wanna wakeboard too. 😀

DSC_0319Thank you afters for having us. We loved your space & the food. If we made you dead curious on their menu, you can get more info on their coffee shop here. As for the next activity, check out our post for more details. It’s coming up this weekend. 🙂

Sessions Illustrated at Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

DSC_0324A few moons ago,  we’ve all got together again for another Sessions Illustrated.

This one featured working as pairs wherein the concept is meant to correspond in a collaborative artwork hence the theme Penpals.

DSC_0310Warm up after some coffee & catching up with Sabrina & Meg.

DSC_0313The challenge for this session was Cats & Candies.

Here’s KC x Tinsley’s version of Kitties in a world of Sugary Sweetness. Yes, our collaborative work in progress. 😉

DSC_0315Annie & Sabrina’s version, do you see a minion in kitty form? :3

DSC_0322Bonus shot featuring Meg’s eerie yet wonderfully whimsical illustrations on post its. Itching to grab & dash a piece.