Tinkering Tales

Tinkering with something new, with concepts and traditional mediums that have been long untouched which meant the perfect time to re-discover them.


My work will be up alongside other fellow INKies of Ang INK for our 25th year and  we will be celebrating it at Ayala Museum

We’d love for you to join us at the opening reception of our exhibit, Tinker Tales on Sept. 12, 2016, 6 PM. See you there!



Ready. Steady. Let’s Draw.

Sessions Illustrated is at it again. We’ll be back this coming weekend. So anyone up for another Saturday afternoon? We’ve got character design workshop this time featuring a sub genre you’ve might have encountered in a tv series or an anime you’ve been following. Steam Punk! If you happen to be in the QC area, drop by then. Order a cup of coffee. Bring out your drawing materials. Let’s draw as we also get to unwind this weekend.


Check out for additional updates over at their facebook page about our SI activities. 🙂

Magical Medicine

In behalf of KASIBULAN, we’d like to thank all those who paid a visit to Hilom from opening day, the live art performance up to the last day.


24″ x 24″
Mixed Medium

What makes this exhibit special was this was one of the rare moments I’ve worked on a larger canvas than usual. The entire time I was more comfortable working with smaller pieces also digitally made. Since past exhibitions last year, I’ve decided to pick up my old brushes, paints, pastels, markers, pens, etc. It was  like breaking out of from one’s comfort zone, returning back to where it all began. Traditional medium.

I’m still using digital, but from now on I will keep on using traditional material too. It’s been quite a while. 🙂
Also, I think it’s about time I should try larger canvases too.

A Tale Spun on Nettle

Takes from Princess Nettle Weaver

Can you guess what story this has been based? 🙂

Participating work for the upcoming
Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan‘s 23rd Annual Exhibit
Tale Spun: A New Spin on Favorite Stories
Dec 12, 4pm at Canvas Gallery and Garderns
1-C Upsilon Drive Ext. Alpha Village, Diliman QC