National Heroes Day






A couple of photos shot sometime ago, fitting for National Heroes Day.  Chanced to have seen these guys cosplaying  Heneral Antonio Luna and his troops one afternoon. Would not pass up the chance for this. Heneral Luna is a bio pic movie about a fiery Filipino general who fought during the Philippine-American war. So far, one of the better films in the local cinema which acquired a cult following. Hoping to see more films like these soon, said that there’s a Gregorio del Pilar movie in the works?


Naruto: Rainy Day


After a shoot sometime ago. Passed by Mike’s friends who were also doing a shoot for that afternoon. Kind of them to let us join. Read the manga
& watched the anime for sometime. If you thought about it, this is (accidentally) my first cosplay related shoot.


It felt timely that it rained, that was the reason why we stayed in this area that afternoon to seek shelter from the unusual downpour from time to time. A fun way to pass time & definitely should also get involved with these kinds of shoots more often. 🙂