Magical Medicine

In behalf of KASIBULAN, we’d like to thank all those who paid a visit to Hilom from opening day, the live art performance up to the last day.


24″ x 24″
Mixed Medium

What makes this exhibit special was this was one of the rare moments I’ve worked on a larger canvas than usual. The entire time I was more comfortable working with smaller pieces also digitally made. Since past exhibitions last year, I’ve decided to pick up my old brushes, paints, pastels, markers, pens, etc. It was  like breaking out of from one’s comfort zone, returning back to where it all began. Traditional medium.

I’m still using digital, but from now on I will keep on using traditional material too. It’s been quite a while. 🙂
Also, I think it’s about time I should try larger canvases too.


Hilom, Sixteen Days of Healing. A Collaboration of KASIBULAN & the Zonta Club.

We’ve got an upcoming event next week. KASIBULAN has collaborated with Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Foundation Inc for an exhibit entitled Hilom (Healing) starting 25th of November. We’ll be promoting 16 days of activism as a call to end violence such as domestic and other unthinkable acts against women. Please do support our exhibit & live art demo on the 3rd of December.


Exhibit begins 5PM at Glorietta 2. See you all on the 25th.

More information on our KASIBULAN fb page. 🙂

Twin Openings

Back to back Walong Filipina “Overseas” Exhibit Launch and “Kasaysayan ng Ating Bayan” Book Launch at the Liongoren Gallery.


Kasaysayan ng Ating Bayan Book Launch




DSC_1296Miss Imelda Cajipe-Endaya, illustrator for the book Kasaysayan ng Ating Bayan along with the artworks used for the book.




Back to back Walong Filipina “Overseas” Exhibit Launch




DSC_1345Artwork by  New York based artist Pepper Roxas (0f Ang INK)



DSC_1339KASIBULAN members present at the opening: Christine Sioco, Imelda Cajipe Endaya, Norma Liongoren, Vivian Locum Limpin, Eden Ocampo

KASIBULAN Save Manila Bay Earth Day 2013


KASIBULAN took part in Save Manila Bay Earth Day 2013. We participated as exhibitors during the event.


For an empty water bottle, you can have a portrait sketch or a caricature courtesy of our KASIBULAN members.  Some participants were kind enough to give us more than one bottle for a sketch.

923301_10151434523421185_102673846_n21137_10151434521406185_814532311_n 541658_10151434533911185_992621040_n 427942_10151434533981185_281863221_n 72593_10151434552086185_1002568921_n 59955_10151434566241185_631488830_n

Another service we had was henna, but you had to pay in cash. 🙂


We also had a freedom wall, anyone can participate in drawing. Most of the participants were kids but we had some grown-ups too. One of them turned out to be a chef who was also one of the exhibitors.

923065_10151434521671185_1203861969_n 321522_10151434523076185_110259728_n 36572_10151434523146185_134225969_n 69064_10151434530126185_1595365201_n

Here are clips  taken from the event proper. Thank you Eden for the video. 🙂

From the bottom of our hearts the KASIBULAN sisterakas would like to thank all you lovely people who dropped by & because of you, you’ve made the event a success.