National Heroes Day






A couple of photos shot sometime ago, fitting for National Heroes Day.  Chanced to have seen these guys cosplaying  Heneral Antonio Luna and his troops one afternoon. Would not pass up the chance for this. Heneral Luna is a bio pic movie about a fiery Filipino general who fought during the Philippine-American war. So far, one of the better films in the local cinema which acquired a cult following. Hoping to see more films like these soon, said that there’s a Gregorio del Pilar movie in the works?



Breaking Waves


I just want to go on more adventures. Be around good energy.  Learn new things. Grow.
One of the few things in the bucket list is surfing. Which has been finally crossed out. Thanks to our resident surfer Camille.  Arrived late in the afternoon in our selected location San Juan, La Union due to numerous stopovers that none of us were expecting to happen. Spent the rest of the day wandering around the beach &  then fooled around with surprisingly strong waves.


LU-01 LU-04Define turbulent. Now imagine those when they hit you.

The following day, woke up extra early to catch some good waves to practice on.

LU-07Here’s an instructor  teaching the basics before we hit the water.

LU-06 LU-08After this experience, we’re definitely stoked to do this again.