A craft for a cause

I’ve been illustrating and designing for the longest as a profession for commercial work.

Not so long ago,  I was encouraged to work on my personal art. The output ranged from freehand lettering found randomly in pages of my planner, illustrations and watercolor drawings filled my softbound sketchbook and tried my luck on abstract paintings on larger canvases. All this time I’ve spent on building personal works was able to relieve stress.

I was able to not only build a portfolio, but also define my style of work. Something I’ve been frustrated and yes, stressed about for some time.

Since it helped me overcome not only hurdles in my struggles as a visual creative but also how I’m dealing with life in a better perspective. As a way to give back, we’ve collaborated with Buhay Movement aligned to their cause as one of the leading mental health advocates as who also recommend art and crafts as a means of an outlet.

On June 9, 2018 at Gift Avenue Cafe  we invite all to learn on how to create beautiful acrylic florals at Flower Power, workshop for a cause.

Proceeds will go to Buhay Movement, a group that promotes mental health awareness.

Workshop is inclusive of materials and food.

Tinkering Tales

Tinkering with something new, with concepts and traditional mediums that have been long untouched which meant the perfect time to re-discover them.


My work will be up alongside other fellow INKies of Ang INK for our 25th year and  we will be celebrating it at Ayala Museum

We’d love for you to join us at the opening reception of our exhibit, Tinker Tales on Sept. 12, 2016, 6 PM. See you there!


National Heroes Day






A couple of photos shot sometime ago, fitting for National Heroes Day.  Chanced to have seen these guys cosplaying  Heneral Antonio Luna and his troops one afternoon. Would not pass up the chance for this. Heneral Luna is a bio pic movie about a fiery Filipino general who fought during the Philippine-American war. So far, one of the better films in the local cinema which acquired a cult following. Hoping to see more films like these soon, said that there’s a Gregorio del Pilar movie in the works?


Tell Me Your Story

Princess Nettle Weaver, 2014. Art by me. 🙂

Sometimes we ask ourselves…

Why are some stories easier than others?
Better written than others?
Why are stories not fair in general?

Countless times we tend to beat ourselves then, punch a wall or try to avoid at all costs. Yet, the inevitable happens. It will still happen and will be a part of it. At the end of the day, everything written by the hands of something great and divine. Which gets rewritten, erased or completely changed.

Each story is different. In life, each tells a personal story about winning and losing, joy and pain, love and loss, destruction and discovery.

Everyone is given what they can handle. At times though, we think we can’t handle it. The stories of our lives can drive us a bit crazy (sometimes) with an intense attachment or if you’re in constant question with the situation.

Part of the reason we’ve got stories to share is that God wants us to know that his love is constant and unconditional.

That’s why we’ve been given free will. We take risks, we try and sometimes make mistakes. These are lessons to be learned, where we through grace overcome our fears and taking that first step into that undiscovered territory which could be at something out of your comfort zone. As long, as you take a bit of faith along in your journey.

Discovering peace within loneliness is when endure these times. When you know God is with you. What you cannot explain yet you trust in Him everything will be alright. With these moments, you are able to hear His message to you. 🙂

Definitely there is that liberating feeling and sense of empowerment in becoming a light to others by sharing your stories. May they be big or little.

Change destiny. Live your free will. Tell your story.

Ayala Museum’s stART Workshop for Kids

Hey there!

Would you like to enrich your kids’ artistic talent in drawing? or just even let them discover something new on the weekends? 🙂
This coming August, I’ll be conducting sessions at the Ayala Museum, as a part of
the ‪#‎stART‬ Workshops. It’s for kids of grade school level and we’ll be teaching how to draw with pastels on the 6th of August, from 2pm to 5pm.
Drawing pencils, on the 28th from 9am to 12nn.

You can sign up by contacting Ayala Museum via email: education@ayalamuseum.org or call 759-8288 loc. 22/35 if you have additional questions. See you guys this coming August!